Happy crews, happy airlines.

At RB Group we understand the daily challenges that airlines and crews face.
We provide award-winning solutions for both crews and airlines.
RB Connect
Designed to efficiently modernize and better- connect airlines to their crews worldwide. The smart way to share operational information in aviation.
RosterBuster App
The #1 Airline Crew App used by 300.000 crew worldwide. Simplify your life, on and off the runway. Download, view and share your airline's roster!
RB Logbook
The Digital Pilot Logbook that sets new standards for the aviation industry. Fast, secure and easy to use. For professional pilots.

What we believe at RB Group

Happy crews = happy airlines

Relevant information at the right time allows crews to connect more efficient with operations, other crew members and with their families.


We are motivated to bring the aviation industry together through better technology and co-creation that engages and connects people to what really matters to them.

Empower people

We are charged to empower aviation professionals and organizations with simplified, relevant information exactly when they need it. 


We think outside the box and always strive for more. We are driven to explore new ideas, learn from our community and look with a fresh perspective, our innate sense of curiosity drives our innovation.

Take responsibility

We make our customer’s problems our own, we always speak human, keep our word, deliver and continuously innovate for our customers, providing a reliable and
genuinely customer-centric service.

Get in touch with us at RB Group to request more information.

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