3000 airport destinations worldwide at your fingertips

airport destinations information

Did you know that when you use RosterBuster, you always have a comprehensive list of 3000 airport destinations around the world in your pocket? This feature is called ‘Destinations’. It is completely free and even available when you are offline.

How Airport Destinations can help you

Why you should know about this? Talking to our users, we have discovered that a lot of people are paying for unnecessary services for functionality that RosterBuster already provides. For example for weather info. Also, it’s not required to have a RosterBuster subscription to use Destinations.

To access Destinations, navigate to the More tab and select ‘Destinations’ from the list. There you can find any airport by country, airport name or IATA/ICAO code.

For each airport, we provide you with the following information:

  • Weather forecast
  • Local time at the airport and UTC time difference
  • Indoor and 3D maps
  • Airport – WiFi guide
  • KCM information (Known Crew Member info – US airports)
  • TAF

We believe the information types listed above can help crew around the world to answer any info needs they have!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for additional information that you’d like to see about destinations.

airport destinations information

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