Need your actual times, call sign and gate info?

call sign

For many flights, you can now see the gate and terminal info and call sign (tail number), right in your RosterBuster events list! A clever algorithm developed by a student from The Hague University accumulates and processes this data from various sources and delivers it to you to your phone when you need it.

To connect flight stats data to schedules and have all relevant information about your upcoming flight in one glance, has been our ambition from the start. However, this is not an easy task, as the data needs to be accurate, up-to-date and relevant. Also, many providers of flight stats data charge significant fees and we did not want our users to pay that price.

To overcome this, we’ve asked Arjun Sardjoe Missier, a talented Software Engineering student from The Hague University, to help us out. He developed a solution to query data from various sources, such as airports, airlines, and third-party providers. This allows us to get as much flight stats data as possible while at the same time keep costs in check.

Gate and terminal

Airline crew using RosterBuster on a day-to-day basis have asked us to include gate and terminal information in the app and we have now managed to do so for almost all flights. This means that when you check your roster for an upcoming, you will instantly see where you need to be on the airport. Better yet, this information is being updated frequently so it will be accurate. No need to use a separate app for gate and terminal info anymore.

When gate and terminal information are available, it will be displayed both on the profile screen and in the events list.

Tail number

We frequently got the request if we could provide the tail number (call sign) info in the app as this is required for crew’s administration and often hard to find, as it is not something regular travelers are interested in. Now we have managed to include the call sign for many flights as well.

When it is available, the call sign will be displayed right in the events list next to the flight number.

Actual times

For most flights around the world, we provide actual times next to the times on the roster. This info is for example very convenient if you export your RosterBuster data to a logbook such as LogTen Pro or Safelog.

You can view actual times by tapping an event for the details and then tap the flight stats button.