Crew about RB Conversations: “I use it daily to message my crew”

RosterBuster’s Crew Conversations feature has been introduced earlier this year. Since then, users have been messaging each other in an ever increasing rate. After the update, we have seen well over a 1000% increase in the use of RosterBuster as a communication platform among airline crew!

We asked our users how they perceive the feature, what they like about it and what we can improve.

A crewmember from Eurowings says he loves Conversions “for my flight schedules, time differences, messaging with other crews and many more.” A first officer from Icelandair thinks of RosterBuster as “an alternative for whatsapp”. The big advantage over WhatsApp being of course that you don’t need to exchange phone numbers in order to start texting.

Quick Communication Around Disruptions

A flight attendant from Laudamotion points out the usefulness of RosterBuster. “I used it to make up a Meeting Point with my Crew… and to stay in contact with them, if there is a delay of our flight.” This saves the crew valuable time and frustration!

Another crew member has a reason that she should probably try to avoid in the future: “I was running late and simply sent a message to the other crew members.” She even added the suggestion for us to add a ‘running late’ button. We’ll consider it, but we think maybe setting an alarm would also do the trick for her.

Finally, we found out that RB users use Conversations to help each other use the app. “It was really helpful when I had some technical issues with the app”, says a cabin crew member from Small Planet Airlines. Who also gives a heads up to our support team “for their excellent and prompt replies”.

Overall, we see that crew members appreciate that they have a new useful communication channel at their disposal. It helps them in their jobs, they stay in contact with each other around flights and pairings, or they just use it “for a quick conversation with a friend” as one Qatar Airways pilot shared with us.


Most crew members are happy with the conversations feature, but we’ve also got some suggestions for improvement. A pilot from Azul Airlines would like to see chatrooms for cities. This might be something we can try out in the future.

A CityJet pilot would like greater control over the crew members that are invited for a flight conversation. Now all crew members are invited, but that’s not always what you want.

All in all, we have received loads of useful and positive feedback, that we will look at. Hopefully we can bring some of these suggestions to the app this summer. If you have any additions, feel free to contact us.