Flight info: always up-to-date with latest flight information

flight info on apple watch

When it comes to flight info, most airlines provide crews basic flight information about their upcoming flights. Today, passengers are way better informed than airline crews are. Crews are forced to use airport apps to stay informed with the latest information. Crazy, don’t you think?

That is why RosterBuster provides the latest Flight Stats information, directly accessible from the app. Crew gets info like tailnumber, gate, latest flight status, actual times and more, next to their original airline roster. Even better: flight stats info will be available on the Apple Watch, so you’ll be able to get all the info you need in one glance.

Partnering Up With Schiphol Airport

RosterBuster entered the developer program from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), one of the main hubs in the world. Our aim is to collaborate more closely with airports and to provide airline crew the most complete set of information, when they need it. Real-time flight info and helping crews find their way at the airport are in our main priority.

Flight info via push notifications

In addition to the above, RosterBuster is developing services that inform crews via push notifications about their upcoming flights or enrich the exports towards Pilot Logbook applications with actual times. Crews will be able to subscribe to these pro-active services.

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