Aviation leaders in Dublin: “RosterBuster has the potential to be big”

We have returned from an inspiring trip to Dublin, where we met with European industry leaders, investors and aviation experts at the DCU Ryan Academy founded by Tony Ryan. On the agenda were several sessions and talks on how to successfully scale up TravelTech business.

In the DCU Ryan Academy, which is located in Dublin’s City West district and shaped like two hatching eggs, we connected with executives and experts from e.g. CarTrawler, openJaw¬†Technologies, HubSpot, Rainmaker.aero, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Viasat, OpenNet and Delta Partners. We got to know entrepreneurs and mentors from the Irish startup community.

Value For Airlines

RosterBuster received a lot of praise because of our track record. A B2C product for more than 300.000 professional customers that love the product and literally rely on it on a day to day basis is unique.

Not only do airline crews rely on RB for their jobs, but they are even paying for it“, one investor pointed out. “This proves that the mobile service represents a huge value for any airline. They will recognize this on a corporate level sooner or later as well, and will want to embrace it.

We see this trend happening now already, with several airlines and roster providers signing up for an official cooperation and integration, and others in the process of doing so.

As it is, airlines are facing increased difficulty to inform and reach their crew, especially if there are incidents. A tool that provides a means of streamlining the workflow of the crew and making sure they are aware of delays and changes is very valuable. This is something that RosterBuster excels at. We reduce overhead and airplane on-the-ground costs which means a huge operational saving for the airline.

Photo taken with permission from Ryan Academy

Brazen Head Meetup

Dispite our tight schedule, we managed to arrange a successful meetup with airline crew from Ryan Air, Aer Lingus and others at The Brazen Head, which is the oldest pub in Dublin and in Ireland. We discussed how they experience RosterBuster and what we can improve. We did not forget to enjoy some pints of Guinness along the conversation! We of course then continued exploring the rest of the Temple Bar area. Thanks for all the airline crew that took the time to travel to the pub and help us to make the service even better.

We look back on a very inspiring week, a huge thanks to Startup Lighthouse and the DCU Ryan Academy for making it happen!

Dublin Temple Bar area