Best apps for airline crew

best apps for airline crew

Join us as we take a look at some of the best airline crew apps on the market. 

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar, Forecasts & Storms

With over 30m downloads, MyRadar is one of the most popular weather apps on the market specifically for aviation. With functions like IFR flight tracking and ATC-assigned flight paths, as well as showing how the weather could affect your flight.

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker, Airline crew can view the current position of an aircraft in real-time anywhere in the world, as well as the associated flight information. Crew can even point their mobile device at a plane on the tarmac to find out what type of aircraft it is and where it’s going, or bring up live arrival/departure boards and weather conditions for airports across the world.

LogTen Pro X

Logten Pro is the world’s most advanced pilot logbook software for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This self-contained iPad app syncs automatically via The Cloud. It keeps track of flight times, lets pilots view currency requirements and limits at a glance, and automates a range of scheduling processes.

Jeppesen CrewAlert

Boeing and Jeppesen have been developing tools for allowing better management of alertness and fatigue.  CrewAlert is the first iOS application designed specifically to help airlines and their crews manage alertness and fatigue.


Pilots can use SkyDemon to create, or edit, route plans by simply selecting waypoints, then letting the app calculate everything else. The app also includes aeronautical vector charts with dynamic airspace clipping and a virtual radar that calculates everything from speed and weight to airspace, terrain, and rainfall.


This is a free language-learning platform with tuition and proficiency assessment could come in handy for crew on layovers, learn the basics and impress the locals.

Cabin Crew Ready Lite

Enhance your overall knowledge of all things aviation with Cabin Crew Ready Lite. Use the short quizzes included in this training app to test and build your awareness. Only for iOS.

XE Currency App

XE Currency App allows you to calculate live currency and foreign exchange rates. Its a really handy tool for crew.

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