Better work-life balance for airline crew


Work-life balance for flight and cabin crew remains a top critique of the job. As aviation professionals we accept the pros and cons for entering into such a special and unique career, but what can we do to improve work-life balance?

Guest blog from AMS based flight attendant, Ingrid

Mixed fleet – Long haul

We’ll never have a regular work schedule and that’s part of the job, and in some cases another reason why we love it so much, we’re not bound to the 9-5 grind but it does mean we miss the occasional Christmas, birthday and in some cases wedding, but we live with those choices, because we have one of the best jobs in the world.

Maintaining a normal family and social life can be challenging at times for airline crew, you may find you have your time off when your friends and family are at work.

One of the biggest challenges is dealing with the disappointment from loved ones when we’re away from home, miss those special occasions, or the stress of being away when a loved one needs to deal with an emergency alone.

Working around busy schedules with family is tricky, and there are times when the job has a strain on those relationships, so what can we do to help the situation?

What can we do to improve our work-life balance?

For me, achieving a better work-life balance all starts with better communication.

Sharing your flying schedule with family or close friends might sound like a really simple step, but giving them visibility takes away the pressure, they can forward plan, know what to expect and feel closer to what you do.

I have been using RosterBuster for the last 2 years to manage my roster, but also to connect and help me organize my life away from the airport with my family.

I might still miss an important birthday or the odd Christmas but at least they know in good time, and for me, RosterBuster has played a big part in helping me manage my work-life balance.

Friends and Family function

Through the friends and family function, I can invite my loved ones to follow my flying schedule, which means we no longer get days mixed up, no more millions of WhatsApp messages from friends and family to see what days I’ve got free, can I make the dinner next Friday, and no more panicked phone calls to the in-laws for emergency childcare.

It’s really simple to do – In the app head to the more tab, select followers and then select invite to friends and family app, via text, email or WhatsApp you can send you unique followers code to friends and family.

Once the invite is received, it just takes a moment for your friends and family members to download the RosterBuster app, create a friends and family account and they have instant access and will appear in your friend’s list.

My friends and family, can view my monthly schedule and even check things like my flight information, so they can follow me on flying duty.

Amazon Alexa Skill

Another tip is the new RosterBuster Amazon Alexa skill. This is really great for kids, mine like to ask Alexa about my next flight, find out where I am, or when my next day off is.

Facebook Messenger

RosterBuster also has an AI chatbot function called RosterBot, which means, I can give my friends and family my unique followers code, and all they need to do is head over to RosterBot facebook page, open a chat window, enter my code and then ask away for things like my next duty, location or even week or months schedule. All the commands can be found here.

It might sound simple, but these 3 seemingly simple things, help to bring my loved-ones closer to my working-life and makes them feel connected and better-informed.

Simplifying your life

I’m no longer the gatekeeper of information, they can check for themselves when we get invited to a family function or special event my partner can check my roster to see if I’m free that day, or if we need childcare or a dog sitter with our working patterns.

They often know my schedule better than me!

My parents also enjoy knowing where I am each day, and what I’m up too, they like to track my flights and tell all their friends, “Today, she’s off to New York”

I know that there will still be times when my roster means I’m away from home for those special occasions, but bringing my friends and family closer, helps me achieve a better work-life balance.

I highly recommend RosterBuster to all aviation professionals, juggling a busy work and home schedule.