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How RB Group Manages The COVID-19 Crisis

As airplanes are grounded everywhere due to the global pandemic, RB Group in the midst of the crisis. But we stand firm and are in close contact with crews everywhere, that are now at home. Using RosterBuster to stay connected, while waiting for air travel to pick up again. We are monitoring the situation closely.
WhatsApp for internal communications

Does your airline use WhatsApp for internal communications?

Does your airline use WhatsApp for internal communications? WhatsApp is great for keeping track of your social life, but when used as a tool for business you’ll find it’s doesn’t meet GDPR privacy and security regulations. If you’re using WhatsApp in your business, could you be risking data breaches?

Better work-life balance for airline crew

Work-life balance for flight and cabin crew remains a top critique of the job. As aviation professionals we accept the pros and cons for entering into such a special and unique career, but what can we do to improve work-life balance? Guest blog from AMS based flight attendant, Ingrid Mixed fleet – Long haul

2019 Berlin Pilot Expo event roundup and Amazon Alexa winner

  Last week the RosterBuster team enjoyed 2 busy days in Berlin at the eagerly anticipated International Pilot Recruitment and Training Expo. The Pilot Expo, which was attended by thousands of flight crew professionals and aspiring future aviators, over 150 exhibitors and 30 industry guest speakers, was a huge success.
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The world In 10 remarkable flight maps

We don’t think there is any app community that is more global than RosterBuster’s. Airline crew travel daily to all parts of the world and sometimes visit even the most remote places. The most astonishing graphical display is our RosterBuster yearly flight map. All routes of the year in one single map. We’ve picked some […]

Work/life balance: why pilots value RosterBuster

Being a pilot is a unique job. Few other workers travel around the world, spend their nights in hotels, and have such varied schedules as airline pilots. This is why help to bring balance between work and life is so greatly valued.
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