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RosterBuster for life?

RosterBuster now has a lifetime membership option. It is available in the latest update that rolled out the app stores last week. And we are proud to announce that first users have already purchased their RosterBuster lifetime memberships!

Celebrating the new season with a brand new release

The new season in aviation has begun, and we’ve got you covered! This week we have released a brand new update of our app, with some exciting new features. Conversations, KCM info and a much better overview of the crew on your flight, to name a few. Our team celebrated this fact with a quick […]

RosterBuster is trending in Kuwait

Apple iPhone users in Kuwait that are not familiar with aviation, may have looked a bit surprised when they discovered that an app called “RosterBuster” reached a top-50 spot in the “Trending Apps & Games” list of the App Store in March. It was no mistake: RosterBuster’s growth has caught on at the tip of […]
airport destinations information

3000 airport destinations worldwide at your fingertips

Did you know that when you use RosterBuster, you always have a comprehensive list of 3000 airport destinations around the world in your pocket? This feature is called ‘Destinations’. It is completely free and even available when you are offline.

Your favourite crew app now has night mode

RosterBuster has a praised familiar user interface, but it can be too bright for use in the cockpit or cabin. That’s why we now have a super cool and useful Night Mode in the app, that transforms the entire app with a dark theme that is easy on the eyes.

RosterBuster featured in South-Korea

Apple has selected RosterBuster as a featured Business iPad app in South-Korea. RosterBuster has seen a lot of traction in Korea after we added support for Korean characters in the app.

Leon integration now available

Leon scheduling software and RosterBuster have established a seamless integration of the roster for airline crew. Crew from for example Olympic Air, Olympus Airways, Luxaviation and Catreus, are now able to download their roster into RosterBuster faster and more reliable, and enjoy all the benefits of the #1 crew app.
aeroweather pro

RosterBuster Now Integrates With AeroWeather Pro

RosterBuster offers seamless intergrations with many useful third party apps. One of our latest integrations is the export to AeroWeather Pro on iOS. With just one click you can export all stations of your future flights into a specific RosterBuster Group.