Celebrating the new season with a brand new release


The new season in aviation has begun, and we’ve got you covered! This week we have released a brand new update of our app, with some exciting new features. Conversations, KCM info and a much better overview of the crew on your flight, to name a few. Our team celebrated this fact with a quick bite at the Happy Italy restaurant in Sweet Lake City.

It’s always an exciting time when seasonal workers join the regulars on board the passenger airlines. We have done our best to make sure we have some meaningful upgrades to offer, especially for this busy period.

We have also introduced new membership options, such as a six month option for the season and a lifetime membership for loyal users that want to be setup for their entire career.

Of course, as you have come to expect, features are introduced both on iOS and Android, but sometimes we can have a short delay for one platform to catch up.

Updates, updates

Just to walk you through a couple of notable improvements.

  • Home: the home screen has been updated to always show you what you need when you’re on the go. We have even added gate information(!), which is available three hours before your next flight. (This is for Android at the moment. iOS home will be updated in the next release)
  • KCM info: for airports in the US that have Known Crew Member center, a button will apear that when tapped will show you the map where to find the KCM, special announcements and opening hours.
  • Conversations: we’ve already mentioned this feature and it is now even better. Not only can you message airline crew with the ease of a click in the app, you can also start a group conversation of your flight from the flight detail page. All crew on the flight is automatically added if they use RosterBuster, or you can invite them.
  • Crew on flight: for more and more airlines, we show the crew on a flight. Now we also have a much better overview of this list, which you can find on the flight detail page. Most importantly: it doesn’t matter if the crew you’re flying with uses RosterBuster. But of course we wouldn’t mind if you invited them.

There are a lot of other smaller enhancements and fixes that will improve experience in the app. We think this is a really strong release to start the season with. So make sure you update to the latest version now.

Of course we keep on improving RosterBuster even more. If you have any suggestions what we should take on next, just leave us a note. We love hearing from you!