Chamber of Commerce: “RosterBuster one of the most innovative companies in NL”

The Dutch chamber of commerce has announced their top-100 ‘most innovative companies’ of The Netherlands, and RosterBuster is on the list! The grand final of the ‘MKB Innovatie Top-100’ on September 29th will decide the exact order. We are honored to have been selected into this elite group of companies!

RosterBuster, based in The Dutch Innovation Factory, is the only company selected from Zoetermeer this year.

Crew Conversations

The primary innovation contributing to the selection is RosterBuster’s ground breaking Crew Conversations feature, released earlier this year. The innovative cloud based technology we used, combined with the scale of operations and specific use cases, makes this a key innovation for flight and cabin crew worldwide.

About The ‘MKB Innovatie Top-100’

The MKB Innovatie Top-100 is a yearly election of the most innovative companies in The Netherlands, open for small and medium sized businesses. Companies and their innovations are ranked by expert panels based on:

  • availability and realized sales
  • impact on the industry and society
  • originality
  • growth potential

In 2018, it is the 13th edition of the Innovation Top-100. The winner will be announced on September 29th.

About The KvK

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) officially registers companies and gives them advice and support. The main task of the Chamber of Commerce is to keep the Commercial Register, but it also provides assistance to start-ups and scale-ups in various stages to help them grow.