Connecting And Empowering RosterBuster India

Running a business with remote teams can undoubtedly be a challenge, especially when the teams are located on different continents, some 8000 kilometers apart.

At the end of January, RosterBuster CEO, Richard Versluis visited the RosterBuster Pune office in India. Discover his visit and how he orchestrates an aligned global team.

It might sound like a difficult task, managing teams in different countries, but I genuinely believe that when staff are empowered with ownership for their work, you land a global team that works.

The main focus for my visit to Pune at the end of January was to bring our India team closer and align them further with our company vision.

“To improve everyday life for all aviation professionals.”

We started the week with Kick-Off Meeting, team members presented the 2019 roadmap for RosterBuster India, and we planned to increase the India team to around 10 fulltime employees.

The focus will be on mobile development, Q&A and Roster Processing. The team will also aim to make a mark on the local aviation market.

We were also pleased to hear we’ve been selected for the top-20 “Most Promising Aviation & Aerospace Solution Providers 2019” by CIO Review India.

RosterBuster India

Team Building

Besides the countless meetings and the hard work we did at the office, we also found a moment to escape the city of Pune.

We embarked on a memorable trip to YMCA camping site Bombay. In this remote and inspirational environment, we enjoyed two days of team building activities, with the goal to personally connect, get a better understanding of cultural differences and to align our ambitions and values.

It was back to basics on the campsite. Nature like this is something entirely different than city life. An occasional critter is to be expected. But we had a great time together, and we did some fun activities like climbing, swimming, canoeing, archery and of course, chatting around the campfire.


We can be proud of what we accomplished in our time together. I feel blessed to have received such hospitality and warmth from our India team.

Having a global team means we have the best functional expertise from around the world, combined with in-depth, local knowledge of our regional markets, together we are eager to work on our mission: Happy crews, happy airlines.

A special thanks to:

  • Madhavi
  • Anit
  • Poojan
  • Mitesh
  • Suraj
  • Prakash
  • Ninaad
  • Shiv
  • Rushi and
  • Nitin