Connecting education to business


Earlier in March, RB CEO Richard Versluis was invited to speak with members of the Platform EOC about our involvement with the Dutch Innovation factory and ICT education.

Guests from Platform EOC spent a whole day at the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer learning more about the unique setting which allows research and business to connect under one roof, promoting interaction and collaboration between students, businesses and future employees.

Richard welcomed guests into the new (but not quite finished) RB Headquarters to discuss the importance of connecting education to business to promote and grow students into future employees.

RB has long been a supporter of student collaboration and internships and is proud to facilitate such opportunities for the talented minds of tomorrow. Connecting education to business is at the heart of this innovative company.


The success of our business in recent years was possible because of the partnerships with schools and universities, which have helped RB grow from a start-up into a thriving international business.

We have been successful in our internship programme not only because we have a great relationship with both the Dutch Innovation Factory and The Hague University of Applied Sciences but because of the innovative and technically challenging projects we can offer students which make a direct impact in the aviation industry.

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