How is the Aviation Industry Fighting the Corona Virus Outbreak?

As the Novel Corona Virus spreads throughout the world, governments are doing everything they can to prevent the spread and provide effective testing kits, aid, and healthcare to affected areas.

This global pandemic has made it a bit challenging for authorities to reach out to people and provide appropriate care and support. 

But, only in times of crisis do we see courageous people standing up and doing their bit in making things right. 

The Global Aviation industry has slowed down because of Covid-19 but it is still ready and willing to help wherever needed. 


The aviation industry is battle-ready to Fight Corona Virus

The members of various aviation groups approached their local governments to offer help. 

On March 16th, a coalition of aviation groups wrote a letter to the secretary of transportation in America offering their support and help.

Members of General & Business Aviation came together in a united display of strength and support.  

Letter Written to the United States Secretary of Transportation


Verify Your News Sources 

News around coronavirus is spreading like wildfire across news channels, blogs, and social media. It is very important to separate myths from facts and validate whatever news you get.

Misinformation and spreading panic or fear is more harmful than the virus itself!

Only Trust


Conditions To AirTravel

If you are about to fly in the near future as crew or as a passenger. Please follow common guidelines for safety and precautions. 

Make sure you have your protective gear in place and sanitize frequently.


Economic Impact Of Covid-19

As the world locks down to fight the Corona Virus, the global economy is sure to be severely affected. 

Various accounts from economists and disease control experts have predicted that the economy will slump down however once the spread of the virus is contained, there will be steady growth in all segments of the economy. 

It is unclear when things will improve for the majority of the world however Asia is already showing some signs of recovery.  

Pic Credit: The Economist

Domestic air travel in China is picking up steadily and the hospitality industry has also shown an increase in demand. 

Corona impact can linger for some time but humanity will recover from this and so will the global and local economies.

There is More Hope Than You See     

It is true that Corona Virus is spreading rather quickly but do remember that things will get better.

  • Current Statistics state that there is a 91% Recovery Rate. This is huge! A vast majority of infected people continue to get back to normal. 
  • With the correct plan of action, many governments across the world have been able to rapidly reduce the spread of Novel Coronavirus.
  • The Corona Virus Vaccine has already reached Human Trials. The final stage of testing is underway. In most cases, human testing starts months after the creation of a vaccine, this is a positive indicator towards a possible vaccine. 
“Things will improve in time, all we need is some Courage, Persistence & Calm.”   
– RB