COVID-19 Airport Procedures and Policies

Airports around the world have been affected by COVID-19 and have implemented new policies and procedures to help protect travelers and employees. Many airports continue to add notices to their websites outlining how they’re handling the ever-evolving situation.

RosterBuster (RB Crew Mobile version 1.27.1) now offers airline crew easy access to the latest procedures and policies that apply for more than 200 airports. When you access your next upcoming flight duty or go to the airport details section in the app we’ve added easy access to the most recent updates for the most popular airports.

  • Information you can find includes:
  • Increased cleaning of seating, handrails, restrooms, people movers and elevators;
  • Nightly deep cleaning of entire terminals;
  • Guidelines to encourage safety and social distancing;
  • Installation of hand sanitising stations;

Crews can message each other from within the app, using our award winning communication features. Connect with other crew members without the need to exchange phone numbers. With RosterBuster, you are always able to get hold of the latest crucial information.