How to create a digital workplace for airlines

Your airline crews are at the frontline of your operations, in the sky, on the ground, and around the globe, they also have the most interaction with your airline customers. But this workforce is often left in the dark, feeling disconnected from their airlines. 

Our recent airline crew survey** discovered that 48% of airline crew face daily challenges when it comes to engaging and communicating with their airlines.

As a result, crew who feel disconnected from their airlines are more likely to leave for another company with a more inclusive approach and a digital workplace.

A digital workplace for airlines, that actually works

It’s important to understand why our frontline employees need to feel included in airline communications, they are the backbone of our industry and their engagement and productivity are directly linked to your bottom line. It’s important to create an inclusive environment for every employee.

” Frontline employees like airline crew deserve the same technology that we give to our airline customers. We can empower them with operational information and communication ease, that allows them to carry out their job efficiently, safely and securely.  Airlines must prioritize, strengthen, and connect with their non-desk workers, and we see 2 clear pathways to success. 

1. A mobile-first digital workplace that prioritizes distributed and nonoffice based workforces.

2. Ease of communication and engagement with their frontline employees.”

Richard Versluis – RB Group CEO

Lead the way with a mobile workforce

The rise of the digital workplace is happening quickly. Most companies don’t think to include their non-office based employees in that transformation. In fact, only 1% of digital workplace spending includes them. 

With a mobile-first solution, like RB Connect this population is no longer disengaged. 

We enable airlines to engage with their crews in a way that seamlessly fits within the world of modern applications and social networking alternatives.

RB Connect brings your airline two innovative products, an expert web app for your airline office staff, working in different departments, and an intuitive mobile app for your crew and field teams. 

Used together, these products will re-energize the way your airline communicates and engages, leaving you better connected to the furthest and hardest to reach employees.

Want to know more about RB Connect why not book a demo with us or start a free trial for your airline?

** Our Airline crew survey was completed by 2763 airline crew members across the globe in May 2019.