Dutch Pilot Girl: “Airline Pilots Cannot Live Without This App!”

In her most recent vlog Michelle aka “Dutch Pilot Girl” names RosterBuster as an app that she uses on a daily basis. In fact, she doesn’t know of any of her colleagues that don’t have RosterBuster on their phones. She concludes her review with: “you can’t live without this app when you’re an airline pilot”. We wouldn’t have put it any other way.

Dutch Pilot Girl

Michelle is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She completed her Airline Pilot Training in 2013. Two years later she obtained her first job as a commercial pilot, at one of the biggest low cost airlines in Europe. While she was unemployed, she started a Youtube Channel and called it Dutch Pilot Girl, which at present has over 33.000 followers.

Keep in Touch With Friends

In her bio, she explains why she started the channel: “I noticed the general idea of being a ‘pilot’ is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions. My goal is to show people what the industry is actually like. Aviation is not only about lying on the beach and making money. This industry is about passion and the will to work hard for your goals in life.”

It is no surprise that as a pilot, she enjoys using RosterBuster on a daily basis. Especially to keep in touch with her friends in the industry.

Check out the video below and if you like it, be sure to subscribe to her channel!