Edelweiss Air selects award-winning, RB Crew Mobile App from RB Group.

Press Release: Edelweiss Air selects award-winning, RB Crew Mobile App from RB Group.

The Zurich based airline is leading the way in airline-to-crew connectivity by harnessing the power of mobile technology to distribute duty rosters, and by recognizing the importance of giving their crew a valuable and modern employee experience journey. RB Group’s crew mobile app is now available as an airline enterprise edition called RB Connect.

About Edelweiss Air

Edelweiss, Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline, operates flights to 70 destinations in 35 countries, with a fleet of 16 aircraft and a reported 2.5 million passengers per year. Edelweiss is a sister company of Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and a member of the Lufthansa Group.

About RB Group

RB Group formally known as RosterBuster was founded in 2010 by a UK based 787 Pilot and Air Traffic Controller, created to try and help airline crew access their flying schedules more efficiently. 

In 2012, their vision was brought to life through the creation of the RB Crew Mobile App, Nearly 10 years later RB Group has thrived and grown into an international business with offices in Europe and India. 

Today, through crew-focused mobile apps and airline enterprise solutions, RB Group enables airline crew to better-manage their busy schedules, connect instantly to vital and relevant operational information, communicate easily with other crew and improve work-life balance.

Edelweiss and RB Group partnership

RB Group has developed a reputation for revolutionary airline crew communication and connectivity solutions through their RB Crew Mobile App.  The announced partnership will provide Edelweiss with a modern and innovative approach to crew duty roster distribution.

Airline crew flying for Edelweiss can take advantage of a crew-focused app built around the needs of airline crew, with 7-day support, and deep verified data security management. 

Users can manage their work with ease and simplicity and securely share flying rosters with their families, allowing them to simplify their lives, on and off the runway.


An official data integration, with a secure verification onboarding system, will be deployed to crew, who can instantly download and manage their airline roster.  Edelweiss and RB Group will continue to work together to implement further innovative solutions for crew over the coming months. 

RB Group CEO Richard Versluis

“We are delighted to work with Edelweiss, they are a truly innovative and employee-minded operation, who understands that today’s modern aviation professionals need a modern approach.

We share similar business values and we were pleased to discover that part of their business mission is to facilitate and innovate work for their employees.  This aligns closely with our own business mission, Happy crews, Happy airlines. 

Edelweiss Senior Manager OPS Support and Engineering, Bruno Speck

“We are looking forward to implementing an industry rewarded solution for our crew members to facilitate their schedule overview, share the schedules with the loved ones and a huge improvement in the planning of their social life.

This is a big contribution and a great step forward to our constant effort in the field of digitalization through collaboration with RB Group, a fast-acting, flexible and solution-minded partner.”



About RB Group: Headquartered in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, RB Group founded in 2010, creates intuitively, connected aviation workforces. Through our award-winning RB Crew Mobile App, and airline enterprise edition RB Connect, we enable users to connect to their airline operations, communicate with crew and manage their busy lives with ease for better work-life balance.  With over 400k users globally and over 500 airlines currently supported, we are committed to empowering aviation professionals with relevant and instant information synced across devices, when they need it. To discover more, please visit www.rbgroup.aero