Exciting News for Skycrew App Users

RosterBuster announced today that it acquired another airline crew app formerly known as ‘SkyCrew App’. This app’s 30.000 users will be completely moved to RosterBuster. The entire process will be completed this month. The users will be informed via e-mail. A smooth transition is to be expected.

Benefits for Skycrew App Users

SkyCrew App has not been updated for many months now, so it will be a great leap forward for its users to become part of the vibrant RosterBuster community and enjoy features such as:

  • seamless roster downloading
  • roster changes
  • calendar integration
  • meetup suggestions
  • instant messaging
  • keep in touch with co-workers and friends & family

Richard Versluis, CEO of RosterBuster indicates that this acquisition is just one of more to come. Currently the Netherlands based start-up is having several talks with other industry initiatives which most likely also will be acquired by RosterBuster and merged in the product portfolio.

With this major step, RosterBuster continues to strengthen its dominant and leading position in the aviation “crew app” market.

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