First Officer Jordy Jansen joins RosterBuster advisory board


We’re pleased to introduce Jordy Jansen, who is a B747 First Officer for Nippon Cargo Airlines, as a new member of the RosterBuster advisory board. His extensive experience as both an A320 and a B747 pilot makes him a valuable addition to our board and he has a career that many in aviation can probably relate to.

Never stop dreaming

His first contact with aviation was through is father. Jordy grew up in Delft near Zestienhoven Airport, now Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (RTM). “My father worked as a driver there, and during the holidays, I often went there with him. I was completely obsessed with airplanes. When I was older, I went on my bike to the airport on weekends and holidays. Walked in at companies and flight schools to ask if I could fly. Soon I made several flights a day with different instructors and students.”

His dream of flying was born at a young age, but it did not come easy for him. Jordy first tried to achieve his dream through the Air Force. “Unfortunately I dropped out of it on the Frasca simulator, still quite far, with the judgment that I had no aptitude to fly.” His dream seemed to fall apart. Then, in order to get in touch with airplanes and aviation, he started flying as a flight attendant at Martinair. “I did this for 5 years before I was finally invited to take a look at one of the co-pilots from Martinair, an instructor at EPST. I thought it was fantastic. But I had no talent. Yet I was advised to just try the selection. At that time I was 27. I gave it my best to get that selection and I came through.”

He was admitted to the flight training and at the end of 2008, he completed the entire flight training with ace results. “I did have talent after all!” But that was just when the economic crisis reached its peak. Finding a job as a pilot was really hard. “Fortunately, I was able to get started in aviation at Amsterdam-Airlines. I was allowed to start as a purser.” He took this opportunity, and it was a lot of fun too. Two years later he eventually got the chance to enter the cockpit at Amsterdam-Airlines. “In April 2011 I had my first scheduled flight as a pilot in my logbook. I was a professional pilot! My dream finally came true!”

But his story doesn’t end there. In December 2011 Amsterdam-Airlines went bankrupt. After this Jordy continued his job at Wizzair, based in Katowice. “The next step up, because that’s how I saw it, was easyJet based in Gatwick and later based in Milan.” All this on the Airbus A320. And now to complete the dream completely I fly the Boeing 747 for NCA in Japan with base Amsterdam on the Queen of the skies. Never stop dreaming.”

Jordy Jansen on Nippon Cargo Airlines

The beauty of flying

Jordy is very passionate about flying. He explains: “The beauty of flying for me is that it is such a powerful experience to put any airplane, big or small, back on the ground. In addition, the views are often also fairytale-like. What a nice side effect is, is that you come all over the world and visit beautiful places. Not to mention the freedom you feel when you’re up in the sky.”

When I ask him why he uses and likes RosterBuster, he’s quite convincing: “Rosterbuster has been the roster app for years. At all airlines where I have flown, I have always used the app and I have completely integrated it with my personal agenda. I have an overview of my work agenda and my private appointments.” He also mentions the logbook export and the ability to see and compare the schedules and locations of colleagues and/or friends, to possibly meet.

So why did he become a board member? In his own words: “I have become an advisory board member, because I have in the past shared my experiences both positively and constructively several times already. I like to be able to help and to vent my opinion.” In addition, he notes: “From ‘the field’ you sometimes see things differently than as ICT specialists and developers. That combination ultimately gets even more improvements in the app.”

The Advisory Board

With his unique experience and insights Jordy Jansen joins Thomas Kim in the RosterBuster Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is consulted when RosterBuster needs to make decisions regarding the strategic roadmap, with the mission to help airline crew with their daily challenges. Members are selected by their experience in the field, product vision and network.