@flywitheva blogs about her experience with RosterBuster


Join us for this week’s crew guest blog from Hong Kong based, B747 pilot Eva.

Guest Blog by @flywitheva

As an ambassador for RosterBuster, I was excited when they reached out for guest bloggers, I was more than happy to share my RosterBuster experience.

Firstly, let me first introduce myself: my name is Eva, and I am a Boeing 747 First Officer, based in Hong Kong. I used to fly the Boeing 737 from Barcelona, before making the switch to its big jumbo sister just over one year ago. You can follow me online over on Instagram at @flywitheva

Longtime RosterBuster user

I recently checked to see how long I’d been using RosterBuster, and I’m pleased to say I’ve been a happy user since September 2015!

I remember some of my colleagues recommended the app to me and I gave it a try, It seemed a convenient way to keep track of my roster.  4-years later I’m still using the app daily. I like how it keeps track of all the different routes and destinations, and how it can generate visual statistics of your flights per month or even year!

It was fun to compare my flight maps of 2017 and 2018. It gives a great comparison between the routes flown on the 737 versus the 747, and between operating in Europe versus worldwide.


RosterBuster Friends and Family

The friends and family function is a really important feature for me, and especially my parents – they’re big fans.

With the friends and family function, they are able to follow my monthly flying schedule. Can you believe that after flying commercially for 6 years now, they still follow my flights on Flight Radar!

They like to keep up with my flights. Usually, I will get a message from them after landing, for example, “Hey, was it busy today?” if they spotted my flight in a holding haha. Knowing my schedule makes them feel close to me, as my job means I am often in different locations and time-zones.  

Have you tried it yet? It’s really easy to invite friends and followers.

#1 In the app, go to more

#2 Select followers

#3 Click invite friends and family

This will generate your unique followers’ link, and you can then send this via email, WhatsApp or text message.

They simply then download the RosterBuster app and sign up for a free friend and family account and have instant access to your roster.

Sharing my flight maps

I truly believe RosterBusteris a great product, and it has supported me well over the years at 2 different airlines.

Uploading a roster is always quick and hassle-free. More and more features are added and improvements are made, making the app even better over time.

As a brand ambassador, I regularly share my RosterBuster flight maps on my Instagram stories, giving anyone interested an insight into my latest roster. When I get asked how I created the map, I always respond: it’s from the RosterBuster App, give it a try!