How RB Group Manages The COVID-19 Crisis

As airplanes are grounded everywhere due to the global pandemic, RB Group in the midst of the crisis. But we stand firm and are in close contact with crews everywhere, that are now at home. Using RosterBuster to stay connected, while waiting for air travel to pick up again. We are monitoring the situation closely.

The first few weeks of the Corona pandemic, we did not see a decline in usage, but after a few weeks it kicked in. Most crews are now receiving rosters; but they are empty. It’s a sad thing to see.

We are used to process between 700.000 and 1 million flights per month. But currently that number has dropped to below 200.000. An unprecedented 72% reduction in activity.

Usage Statistics RosterBuster (Feb-March)

Biggest Impact

We see the biggest impact in Europe obviously, with North America also declined by a lot. Asia has seen decreased activity, but seems to have stabilized.

Cargo is unaffected. Remarkably, airlines in Africa and South-America also still show activity.

But overall, and this will not come as a surprise, we see that there is a global collapse.

Impact at RB Group

In order to make it through the crisis and thrive, RB Group had to make some difficult decisions about the future. We tried to keep the impact minimal, but had to decide to discontinue some services.

RosterBot and the Alexa skill will no longer be further developed. Although a loyal group of users enjoyed these smart assistants, our apps provide the same information and we simply can’t find the resources right now to support them on the level we want. We will also have to delay some new features such as iStandby, since currently nobody will be using that.

We will keep developing the apps though to be more useful for crews, even if flying is currently not in the cards.

Stay connected with RosterBuster

RosterBuster is of course the world’s most popular crew app on the go; and since there’s now not a lot of flying happening, the app might seem less useful in this situation. But don’t cancel your membership just yet. Air travel will start up again and until then, use RosterBuster to stay in touch with your friends in aviation. In these difficult times we all need each other.

We will also soon launch a news feed feature, so you can stay up-to-date with relevant news in aviation.

RB Logbook – now is the time to switch!

With some extra time on your hands, why not try out our newest addition to the RB family: RB Logbook?

It might take some time to transport your old logbook. But hey; this is the perfect time to do that! It’s also a great moment to save some money and say goodbye to the pricier competition. We’re here to help you make the switch.

RB Logbook has a lot to offer: a modern user interface, customization options, novel features such as ACARS scan and Fly Now takeoff and landing detection.

A word from our team…

The aviation industry faces the biggest crisis ever. And this impacts us all. We will keep supporting you. Please also support us, during these difficult times.

Richard, Jeroen
& The RosterBuster Team