How RosterBuster achieves customer intimacy

RosterBuster has a fast growing userbase, which is great, but it also has its challenges. For most companies to absorb this kind of growth, they put more distance between them and the customer. Often this results in a loss of focus and alignment with the customer’s needs. We managed to avoid this, by relentlessly working on our Customer Intimacy.

Customer intimacy is a measure of your awareness of — and alignment with — your customers’ needs and values. Customer intimacy involves a shared understanding of customer problems and needs among all team members: You are aligned on the true needs of the individual customer.

All Hands Customer Support

Because we have a small team, we don’t have the luxury of dozens of dedicated support employees. Instead, all team members assist the Customer Success Team to answer user’s questions on various topics. This way we all know about the challenges our users face, from back-end developer to CTO to online marketeer. For our customers, this means that they can get an answer to their question from a Customer Success Engineer, but also from the CEO.

RosterBuster On Location

Where better to find pilots and cabin crew than on airports. We regularly visit Schiphol Airport as this is the largest hub close-by our office. But when we have the opportunity we also visit other airports like for example London Heathrow, to meet and talk to airline crew. These regular conversations help us a lot to find out how users experience the app first hand.

The RosterBuster Advisory Board

Next to the large network of Brand Ambassadors that RosterBuster has, we are also in the process of appointing an advisory board, for which we select users that have vision and experience in aviation and that can help us further develop the product. Earlier this year, Thomas Kim was the first to join this board. With their help, we can also align our strategic developments with the needs of airline crew around the world.

User Sessions

In our office in the Dutch Innovation Factory we regularly invite airline crew for a coffee or a lunch, during which we can talk about their life in aviation and how they experience the RosterBuster app. These sessions spawn a lot of ideas and are always a lot of fun too.

A Passionate Customer Success Team

Last but not least, we can rely on a very passionate Customer Success Team. They have daily discussions about the state of the product and have close contact with the developers. And of course they make sure customers get answers on their questions in a timely manner.

Tailored Experience

There is much more that we do to stay aligned with the needs of our customer base. For example by using advanced analytics, we track the usage of various features in the app and are able to tailor the experience for every user; for example the needs of cabin crew may be different than those of pilots.

It is also our aim to develop the app user interface in such a way, that support needs will be minimal. With the complex setup that some of our more advances features require, we do recognize that we still have a lot of progress to make in these areas.

By maintaining customer intimacy, we are able to steadily improve and better help airline crew with their daily challenges.