Industry first: RB Group offers paper logbook import!

Still using a paper logbook but wanting to move to the digital age? RB Logbook launches a unique service ‘Paper Logbook Import’. Because of COVID-19 unemployment, we have decided to employ hundreds of people that will type in your entire flight history into RB Logbook.

Please note: this announcement is not real, it was RB's 2020 April Fools joke. We do appreciate all the requests we got for the service. Who knows we'll one day have a paper logbook import! For now, this is the guide for paper logbooks. Also, why not check out this fake but fun announcement in 2019?

Almost every pilot has started with a paper logbook. Sooner or later you will want to use a digital logbook. But moving from hand written pages to a digital format is challenging. It means typing over all those lines of text in your logbook.

No more. Just send us your logbook and we will handle it. In just a few days your entire flying career will be transported to RB Logbook. For free.

Paper Logbook Import? How is that possible?

Transforming a paper logbook to digital seems impossible. Computers with text recognition (OCR) are not good enough to do this accurately. But at RB Group, we have found a different way.

We have bought up an old factory building near Pune, India, that is no longer being used because of the Corona crisis. There people can work, while keep proper distance from each other, and do the work. This helps against the massive unemployment, to overcome this period of crisis for everyone.

Jeroen Derwort, project owner for RB Logbook: “The crisis is terrible for everyone, especially in aviation. But even when times are so dire, we seek ways to help crews prepare for the day when we can all start flying again.

So, do you still have a paper logbook but were reluctant because of the immense work involved transforming it to digital? Then this service is for you. Send us your logbook, and we’ll do it.

E-mail us if you’re interested: Paper Logbook Service

We will provide you with further information, where to send your logbook. Please note that we expect a massive amount of pilots to apply. So it can take a while before we get back to you.