Infographic: is airline crew communication on training effective enough?

Airline training communication: does the crew find it effective?

As mentioned before in the article “RB Group presents crew insights on training – communication”, RB Group ran a survey among RB Crew Mobile app users to reveal the communication process and quality of training. The infographic below represents some main questions on the quality of the communication process during flight and cabin crew training.

Survey respondents

There are around 4000 respondents and the majority is flight and deck crew (71%), where the main geographical distribution is between Europe (47%), North America (19%), and Asia (17%).

Quality of communication

The results show that participants receive the information before the training (71%) to be able to prepare, meanwhile, only 61% replied they know how to get access to their training performance. However, 17% “don’t know” that means they were not interested to access the information or found it not necessarily.

To sum up

Despite the access to the information is pretty good but 74% of respondents have ideas and suggestions on how to improve the training that says there is tremendous room for improvement. Also, the motivation of training participants is noticeable, most of them attend training in their own time 40% or combination own and companies time 41%.