Introducing RB

You may have noticed some subtle changes since the beginning of the year with our business, well it’s now time to unveil some significant and exciting developments.

What’s in a name?

Since 2010 we’ve been known as RosterBuster, (the name of our first product to market) but over the years as we’ve expanded, we began to outgrow our name, it no longer fit and supported all of our business services.

We recognized the organic success that the business had achieved with its original name, and we felt it was important to retain the essence and pay homage to our beginnings. – Richard Versluis CEO

From humble beginnings

Nearly 10 years since the creation of the RosterBuster app, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth, we now support over 300k aviation crew professionals worldwide, we work directly with airlines, and we have offices in Europe and India, you could say we’ve matured a little.

In January we decided to introduce a name change, a process which is never easy, especially for an established business.

From today on we are called RB, the name RosterBuster will remain and now solely be used for our award-winning crew app.

Brand refresh


After nearly 10 years, we were a little overdue for a brand refresh. It’s been both insightful and rewarding taking the time to realign our brand.

The brand refresh took us through a process which allowed us to make an internal check on our business, and redefine what we stand for and where we see the business future.

We’ve reconfigured a little and have a new, robust business DNA that runs through everything we do.

I’m excited that we have an aligned and powerful brand now. With so many new and skillful people that have joined RB in 2019, it has become important to have a shared set of values, that is clearly defined. – Jeroen Derwort CTO

Business mission

Happy crews, happy airlines.

Business vision

Bring airlines and aviation professionals closer together, by improving day-to-day operations and life beyond the airport, through accelerated communication and connectivity.


Today, through crew-focused mobile apps and airline enterprise solutions, RB enables airline crew to better-manage their busy schedules, connect instantly to vital and relevant operational information, communicate easily with other crew and improve work-life balance.

Look out in the coming weeks and months for a brand new website, updated appearance of the RosterBuster app and lots of exciting announcements with new partners and airline collaborations.

More information can be found on our company blog: