5 ways lack of airline crew communication can prevent airline success

As an airline grows, workplace conflict follows. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just a statistical inevitability: The more people that need to work together, the more work styles and personalities must cooperate to complete projects, daily operations and achieve company goals.

Airline crew communication breakdowns

Lack of communication at an expanding airline can cause significant problems. One survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management estimated that an average of $62.4 million per year was being lost by respondent companies because of inadequate communication among employees.

We recently conducted a global airline crew insights survey** in which 42% of airline crew reported struggles in communication with their airline,  we take a look at the five most common types of communication breakdowns, as reported by crews – and how to combat them.

#1 Not knowing who to contact

Airlines have so many internal teams, its demotivating when a crew member needs to spend 20 minutes, calling around departments, only to be told, “No it’s not us you need…”

Even though you may think you are providing crew with the relevant contact details, this was the top reported challenge they face when trying to communicate with their airlines. 

#2 Too many departments / e-mail addresses / telephone numbers

Sounds a little like the #1 complaint, well it’s certainly connected, we’re not making it simple enough for our crews to be able to communicate, and feel heard. 

#3 Language barrier

Many crew report, that their airline isn’t offering adequate support for non-native speakers. Having a diverse work-force is necessary for today’s climate, but we need to make sure we are supporting their language needs. Are your duty rosters and vital operational information available to them in their native tongue?  Do you have personnel in place that is able to speak their native language? 

#4 Response times in airline crew communcation

This is a common complaint, crew report if they need an answer or help with something operationally, or HR related, they must wait long periods of time before they get a response. Adding stress and disengagement for the individual. They feel disconnected and not important. 

#5 No (or too late) notifications of schedule changes

Can we really afford to let this happen? This can have a huge knock-on effect on daily operations. Email and Telephone drain resources, so why do we still predominantly use these methods within the airline industry to communicate disruptions and duty changes? 

The solution

It’s been around for a while now – Mobile technology. Every crew member in your organization has one right in their pocket. So why aren’t we utilizing this?

Allow us to introduce you to RB Connect

RB Connect brings your airline two innovative products, an expert web app for your airline office staff, working in different departments, and an intuitive mobile app for your crew and field teams, RosterBuster.

Used together, these products will re-energize the way your airline communicates and engages, leaving you better-connected to the furthest and hardest to reach employees.

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** Global airline crew research study, conducted in May 2019 completed by 2763 crew members.