TECH TALK – We love code, Laravel Live 2019

Earlier this month Suraj Adsul, roster expert from the RosterBuster India office attended Laravel Live in Mumbai. Join us as we catch up with Suraj, to find out more about the event and his experience.

It was my first time at this major PHP conference held in Mumbai, India. It was a well-organized event and the topics were diverse and informative. I attended 7 presentations. I will share the materials and the key takeaways from each talk.

#1 Securing Laravel APIs with JWT using modern identity 

-By Md Shahbaz Alam, Full Stack Developer

MD Shahbaz talked about API authentication and authorization, how JWT can be used for authorization and their different implementations, he also gave a demo on how to secure Laravel API’s.

This was a refreshing talk.

Resources provided by Md Shahbaz Alam:


Laravel API Authentication & Authorization:

Laravel Authentication:

General JWT Resources:

JWT Handbook:


#2 The Laravel core – Demystifying the beast

– By Christoph Rumpel, Author of Laravel Core Adventures

This talk was interesting and I was looking forward to it because I have always been amazed to see how Laravel works internally, hearing the talk from someone who has created a dedicated series for this, was a great opportunity to learn. I believe that knowing your framework will make you a better developer.

I was lucky enough to meet Christoph in person, and we talked over a few topics regarding Laravel.

Christoph says, “Laravel is a fascinating and complex piece of software. It helps us to work fast, solid and secure on our modern PHP applications, but how often do you find yourself taking a look under the hood of Laravel?”

Resources provided by Christoph:



#3 Laravel at scale – By Nishanth Kaladharan, Tech Lead

– By ColoredCow

This talk was informative and original, Nishanth talked about how Laravel is helping the NGO’s to handle their infrastructure at a low cost, how they worked with G-suits and AWS to create highly available systems, with low-cost infrastructure.

#4 Event Sourcing

By Freek Van Der Herten, Partner & Developer at Spatie

This talk was something new for me, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn something new.

Freek says, in most applications, you store the state of the application in the database. If something needs to be changed you simply update values in a table, when using event sourcing you’ll take a different approach.

All changes to application state are stored as a series of events, the key benefit here is that you now have a history of your database. Using the stored events we can do a few other interesting things. Imagine the managers of the bank are interested in a report of the average balance of each account in the past year, If you would have stored only the balance then you wouldn’t be able to generate that report, by using the stored events you could generate such reports easily.

Resources provided by Freek:


#5 Laravel: The launcher for your next big idea

By Ajit Bohra, Founder of Lubus

Ajit talked about all the tools available in Laravel ecosystem and how we can utilize each of them.

Resources provided by Ajit:


#6 Writing effective PHP

By Nuno Maduro, Creator of Laravel Zero

Nuno discussed some good coding practices in PHP and he gave an interesting demo including how we can use Larastan package to catch bugs before deploying the code on production.

#7 Distributed Systems  

By Tapasweni Pathak, Manager at Reliance Jio

This was the first ever talk given by a woman at Laravel live in India, I was pleased to be part of a historical moment, Tapasweni’s talk covered the topic of distributed systems and was very inspiring.

Event Conclusion

The event was a really fantastic opportunity to meet some really talented developers from the community, we were able to talk about our current work environments and how we are using PHP, Laravel to make the world a better place.

I took the opportunity to discuss RosterBuster during my introduction and talk about how we are helping the aviation industry better-connect.

I can’t wait for the next Laravel Live!

About Laravel Live

Laravel Live is one of India’s largest tech and code conferences, with the aim of bringing together the brightest minds from across the nation, giving idea-focused talks, and on a wide range of subjects in PHP Laravel, to foster learning, inspiration and provoke conversations, and also to contribute to open source technologies.

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern and based on Symfony.