Leon integration now available

Leon scheduling software and RosterBuster have established a seamless integration of the roster for airline crew. Crew from for example Olympic Air, Olympus Airways, Luxaviation and Catreus, are now able to download their roster into RosterBuster faster and more reliable, and enjoy all the benefits of the #1 crew app.

Leon delivers a web-based, flexible solution for aircraft scheduling, that is being used by almost 100 airlines. The integration now put into place between RosterBuster and Leon enables a seamless experience for crew from these airlines. You can now view and share your Leon roster with your friends! Not to mention exporting it to external logbooks as well as synchronizing with various online calendars.

How does the integration work?

Leon has enabled a data transfer from to RosterBuster, which allows RosterBuster’s users for a quick download of their own rosters into the application. It is no longer necessary to e-mail or upload a PDF file.

We are very excited about this integration, which will benefit a lot of users. Is is the result of our great cooperation with the excellent and passionate team at Leon Software.


Crew from the following airlines will immediately benefit from this integration:

  • 2Excel Aviation (BRO)
  • Aeronexus (ARN)
  • Air Charter Scotland (ACS)
  • Air horizont (HAT)
  • Air Jetsul (AJU)
  • Air Mediterranean (MAR)
  • AirExplore (AXE)
  • Al Nasar Wings Airlines (NAD)
  • Alaska Central Express (AER)
  • Albatros Airways (LBW)
  • Aliparma (PAJ)
  • AMC Aviation (AMQ)
  • Aruba Airlines (ARU)
  • Asia Atlantic Airlines (AAQ)
  • Astra Airlines (AZI)
  • Atlantis European Airways (LUR)
  • Avies (AIA)
  • Bassaka Air (BSX)
  • Blackbird (BBB)
  • Blink (BKK)
  • Blu Halkin (HKT)
  • Bluebird Airways (BZ) (BBG)
  • Catreus (VCG)
  • Cello Aviation (CLJ)
  • Cham Wings Airlines (SAW)
  • Copenhagen Airtaxi (CAT)
  • Cronos Airlines (CRA)
  • Denim Air (DNM)
  • Eclair Aviation (ECC)
  • Elite Jet (ELJ)
  • Ellinair (ELB)
  • Emperor Aviation (EMM)
  • Excellent Air (ECA)
  • Executive Aviation Services (JTR)
  • Exxaero (XRO)
  • FairJets (FJE)
  • Fastjet (FTZ)
  • Flairjet (FLJ)
  • Flex Flight (TIX)
  • Fly Gac (GCW)
  • Fly One (FIA)
  • Fly Viking (FVK)
  • flyGlobal (FGG)
  • Fort Aer (FRX)
  • General Aviation Services (GNZ)
  • Global Africa Aviation (GAA)
  • Go2Sky (RLX)
  • Harmony Jets (HMJ)
  • ICS-Aero SM (ICF)
  • Interflight (IFT)
  • Jet Asia Airways (JAA)
  • Jet Express (VXG)
  • JetMagic (JMG)
  • Jetstory (JDI)
  • Jetstream (JSH)
  • Jota Aviation (ENZ)
  • Jungsky (JSY)
  • K-Mile Asia (KMI)
  • Khors Air (KHO)
  • Klasjet (KLJ)
  • Libyan Wings (LWA)
  • Limitless Airways (LIM)
  • Luxaviation (LXA)
  • Maleth-Aero (MLT)
  • New Gen Airways (VGO)
  • North Flying AS (NFA)
  • Olympic Air (OAL)
  • Olympus Airways (OLY)
  • Orange2Fly (OTF)
  • Orient Thai Airlines (OEA)
  • Panaviatic (VPC)
  • Pen Avia (PDY)
  • Pont Air (PTA)
  • Privajet (PVJ)
  • Regourd Aviation (REG)
  • Rotana Jet (RJD)
  • SaxonAir (SXN)
  • Servizi Aerei (SNM)
  • Skyfirst (KFE)
  • SkyGreece Airlines (SGR)
  • Skytraders (SND)
  • Solinair (SOP)
  • Sprintair (SRN)
  • Sylt Air (AWU)
  • Tiara Air (TNM)
  • Topjets (TJJ)
  • Trade Air (TDR)
  • TRTO Agency (MGF)
  • Turpial Airlines (VTU)
  • Ukrainian Wings (UWJ)
  • Valair (VVV)
  • Volare Aviation (VLZ)
  • Voldirect (VDR)
  • Xclusive Jets (XJC)
  • Yanair (ANR)
  • Zenith Aviation (BZE)


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