Lumen APIs, Pizza and Alexa Apps at Laravel Meetup Groningen

RB Group CTO Jeroen Derwort presented two talks at the Laravel Meetup Groningen. The first talk is about how RB Group leverages Amazon Web Services with Lumen to create APIs that are capable of serving aviation grade applications. The second presentation covers the development of the Amazon Alexa voice assistent for airline crew.

The Laravel Meetup group is dedicated to developers that want to learn about the Laravel framework and is located in Groningen (The Netherlands). Its goal is to stay current on Laravel and discuss, share knowledge, experience and network with people interested in Laravel. The meetup is organized by Beeproger.

Unique challenges

RB Group’s challenges are unique because the aerospace sector is very demanding in terms of scalability and security. The seamless integration with AWS powers our crew apps as well as the RB Connect Integration Cloud.

The RosterBuster “RosterBot” Alexa app is available in the Alexa store, but getting it there has been a challenge. In the talk Jeroen explains some of the particularities and pitfalls of voice AI, how we finally succeeded to make it work and how it integrates with the Lumen back-end.

Talk registrations

Registrations of both talks are available below, as well as a recap of the event.

1. Recap of the Meetup

2. Lumen APIs in an AWS Environment

3. Amazon Alexa App for Airline Crew