Meet RosterBot, the smart AI assistant for airline crew!

RosterBot is a so called chat or message bot that can assist you in your flying career. It will be able to send weather forecasts, let your family and friends follow your flights, and more. It is the first AI chatbot designed for airline crew and we’re proud to announce that it is available right now for our customers worldwide.

The RosterBuster Team designed the first version of RosterBot primarily for friends and family to follow you on your travels. The chatbot setup is pretty simple. You send your followers an invite e-mail for the bot through our website. Then they use it to connect and can instantly ask the bot about your whereabouts.

The awesome thing about RosterBot is that it is conveniently available via a chatclient such as Facebook Messenger. You can ask it what you want in natural language. For example, you can use the word ‘location’ to get up-to-date information about the whereabouts of the airline crew you follow. But you can also ask RosterBot: ‘Where is she right now?’ and it will promptly understand your question and give you the right location.

This is all awesome already, but we envision much broader use in the future. We’re working on on some of these improvements right now, such as more complex conversations and queries. We also have integrations with other chat clients on the roadmap. One of the most exciting things we are working on, is integration with the Alexa Echo. What this enables you to do is actually talk to RosterBot and she will reply. More on that in a later post.

For now, head to the chatbot on Facebook Messenger and try it out for yourself! We would love to hear your feedback.