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RosterBuster Acquires CrewTalk App

RosterBuster and CrewTalk have joined forces to become the #1 communication app for professional airline crew worldwide. All 6000 CrewTalk users have been moved to RosterBuster and have received an e-mail with instructions on how to activate their membership.
aeroweather pro

RosterBuster Now Integrates With AeroWeather Pro

RosterBuster offers seamless intergrations with many useful third party apps. One of our latest integrations is the export to AeroWeather Pro on iOS. With just one click you can export all stations of your future flights into a specific RosterBuster Group.

Exciting News for Skycrew App Users

RosterBuster announced today that it acquired another airline crew app formerly known as ‘SkyCrew App’. This app’s 30.000 users will be completely moved to RosterBuster. The entire process will be completed this month. The users will be informed via e-mail. A smooth transition is to be expected.
rosterbuster team kick off 2018

RosterBuster Team Kicks Off 2018 In Style

The RosterBuster team, in our first strategy meeting of 2018, looked back on 2017 and shared the plans for the upcoming year. A lot of progress was made in the past year, paving the way for an ambitious growth plan for 2018.

Best Wishes And The Most Amazing Flight Maps!

As 2017 draws to a close, we all start to look back. Airline crew in particular will recall all the places they’ve flown to around the world. Of course we at RosterBuster follow you wherever you go! As a service to our loyal customers, we have compiled flight maps from all the flights in the […]