Phasing out email communications for the aviation industry

The average office employee spends around  28% of their working week dealing with emails, that’s about 121 emails a day, a  huge amount of information for us to handle. We take a look at the pros of Phasing out email communications. 

We take a look at how phasing out email communications and implementing team collaboration tools are transforming the aviation industry and bringing field teams like airline crew closer than ever to airline operations. 

Thanks to the rise of collaboration technology, our days of communicating via email may be numbered. Although some people still believe that we’ll never be able to give up on email entirely, at the very least, the presence of team apps should ensure that we spend less time on unproductive emails, and more time engaging over relevant information. 

Phasing out email Communications

Email just isn’t agile enough in today’s busy world of aviation. It’s not reaching the people we need, in the timeframe we need, and it simply doesn’t meet the needs of our modern airline crews. 

1. Connect instantly with your crews

With your crew spread out across the globe, in different locations, time-zones and often 33,000 ft above the ground, it’s never been more important to connect with our field employees. 

We know that email and telephone calls drain resources, but they are still the 2 most popular methods used by airlines across to globe, to communicate with crew about daily operations and disruptions. To discover more about this topic download the free Global Crew Insights Report

Real-time messaging allows crew and office-based staff to find the people they need to connect with and discuss operations, and issues instantly. No more waiting around for emails to send, no more on-hold music or making endless calls to crew only to find their number has changed, again. 

2. Information at your fingertips

Collaboration tools can also provide a great space for businesses to share important relevant information that relates to the entire business or particular groups or teams. 

Setting up channels can streamline the distribution of information and allow for a place that employees can always find the information they need, on their own mobile devices. 

3. Email just isn’t collaborative

Introducing a collaborative tool for your field teams opens a world of opportunity for better airline-to-crew engagement, faster interactions, reliable delivery, and better insights and analytics.

4. If you don’t provide a solution your teams will source their own

We’re not meeting the demands of our modern crews, which results in them going out and sourcing their own solutions, which doesn’t always comply with company security policies. Say hello to the rise of non-authorised third-party apps, and endless WhatsApp groups, which doesn’t meet GDPR standards and poses a security risk.

Why not give them what they need?

5. Improve productivity

Providing your crew with instantly available information that allows them to do their jobs more efficiently seems like the obvious, but for our industry, we’re a little behind on this subject and using email as the main communication solution only slows this problem down further.

We may never reach a day when we’re completely free from the email’s clutches and it certainly still has a place, but introducing the right aviation workplace collaboration tools could help to reduce your dependence on a somewhat outdated, and inefficient tool. 

RB Connect

With the RB Connect, collaboration apps for airlines, your office-based teams, and field-based crew will discover how to take advantage of the collaboration options best for them, from easy roster distribution, crew location-based services, instant messaging, file sharing, offline information functions, and instant duty change and disruption notifications. Crew directory filters and more.

RB Connect harnesses the power of modern mobile technology and through our well-loved Crew App, RosterBuster, we connect your airline directly to your crew on an enterprise and secure level.

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