Pilot Expo Airliners Party

One of the most awaited social gatherings of The Pilot Expo in Berlin is the Pilot Expo Airliners Party. This is what makes the event stand out among other Flight Crew Recruitment and Training exhibitions. We’re excited to be official sponsor of this party with RB Logbook.

Pilot Expo 2020 Airliners Party

“Airliners Party” is a night networking event that takes place on Friday evening between exhibition working days providing both exhibitors and visitors an excellent opportunity to relax in an informal atmosphere by enjoying good music, snacks, and drinks. This party is the right place to meet-up with old-time friends from flight schools or long forgotten cockpit mates, as well as meet many other new people who carry the same passion for aviation in a vibrant and informal atmosphere.

Pilot Expo 2020 flaer

Once the sun sets and the first working day of the Pilot Expo is over, let the night shine on you! In Pilot Expo 2020, pilots’ band “Masters of Turbulence” and other performers will make sure everyone has an unforgettable and spectacular evening during the Airliners Party!

More information about the Airliners party, Pilot Expo itself and where to buy a ticket can be found on the Pilot Expo homepage: www.pilot-expo.com

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