Pilot Expo Berlin 2020 ~ Europe’s Biggest Aviation Gathering

After the huge success of the event last year, Europe’s biggest pilot expo revisited Berlin this year. The Pilot Expo Berlin 2020 was a 2-day event stretched over 5000 square meters; bigger & better!

More than 10,000 visitors showed up for the 2-day event consisting of 30 industry speakers, 150 exhibitors, and a party!

The party witnessed an impressive gathering of like-minded aviators with the shared passion and vigor for flying. A great chance to connect and re-connect over good food, drinks, and music.

RB Logbook officially launched at the Pilot Expo Airliners Party. A defining moment for RB Group and the Aviation Industry.

With this brilliant new Pilot Logbook, aviators now have the convenience to manage and record their flight time, license & career statistics with amazing simplicity.

Events At The Pilot Expo Berlin

The grand Berlin Messe Exhibition Centre hosted the 2-day event on 21st & 22nd Feb 2020. Attendees had an option to choose from

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • The Airliner’s Party on Friday, 21st Feb 2020

Pilot Berlin Expo 2020

Exhibition ~ Evolving Aviation

The Pilot Expo Berlin proved to be a great window of opportunity, to glance at the innovative transformations that are shaping the future of training, recruitment and solving day to day problems of the aviation industry.

A brilliant occasion for bright minds to identify and solve problems faced by people working in the industry.

Airline Recruiters at the event were equipped to conduct interviews and flight tests to hire candidates on the spot. Ambitious aspirants were able to capitalize on this opportunity and even walked out with offers from big airlines.

Conference for ‘You’

A big part of the expo was to address shared concerns of people and find the right fix for them. Conferences tailored for each profession in the industry.

The expo hosted various conferences for both veteran and aspiring pilots dubbed as “Aces” and “Future Pilots”.

These conferences had a very practical agenda; to untangle the life of pilots & help in making the transformation from aspiring to a certified pilot.

The “Aces” division talked about things that directly affect an aviator’s life in the shape of taxation, risks, becoming a trainer and what to do in case of a lost license.

Pilot Berlin Expo 2020

“Future Pilots” had an exceptional opportunity at the expo. The conferences tailored for them helped in choosing the right aviation school. A real chance to pick the best training program that is distinguished and economically viable.

Interacting with the recruiters at the Pilot Expo Berlin 2020 gave aspirants the exposure and correct know-how of the hiring process. A great chance to know the right people who can point in the right direction.

Airline Expo Party

Friday night was the time to relax, to take a break and unwind with good company and good drinks.

Pilot Expo Airliners Party was a night of networking, good music, and fun. A perfect break from the day’s events.

The colorful evening set at the gorgeous and grand Palais am Funkturm was a good chance to groove and make lasting connections.

With the backdrop of music and fun, we Officially launched the RB Logbook in the perfect setting of celebration and innovation.

Take Away from Pilot Expo Berlin

In today’s age, everything is happening online, meeting people face to face has become a premium service, one that is only increasing in value. Pilot Expo Berlin was a great occasion to do exactly this and more.

Networking – The two-day event was an amazing place to connect with new people.

Networking with people in the same industry is the quickest and most efficient way of understanding the pulse of the industry.

The expo also proved to be a great place for aviators to expand their personal network of like-minded people in a shared profession.

Next Big Opportunity – Europe’s Largest Pilot Expo presented many opportunities, many could manifest into successful ventures in the future.

Human Connect- Yes, apps and technology are the fuel for the future but the plane is still steered by humans and the positive feedback and encouragement that we received from Pilots, airlines and the cabin crew was heartwarming and motivational.

Venue for Pilot Expo Berlin 2020

Pilot Berlin Expo 2020

The venue for Exhibition and Conferences was

Halls 21a, 22a, and 22b of the Berlin Messe Exhibition Centre on both the 21st & 22nd Feb 2020. (Hall 21 Entrance)

The Airliners Party took off at

Palais am Funkturm, Messe Berlin North Entrance