Pilot Expo – Europe’s largest Flight Crew Gathering!

RB Group will join Pilot Expo Flight Crew Gathering in Berlin 2020 and introduce its RB logbook launch for all event attendants.

Pilot Expo is Europe’s largest Flight Crew Gathering event dedicated to Flight Crew Recruitment and Training. In 2020, Pilot Expo will take place on February 21 and 22 in spacious premises of Berlin Messe, in Berlin. Already for the second year, Pilot Expo will bring together several thousand aviation enthusiasts, experts, and professionals.

Pilot Expo gives everyone an excellent opportunity to explore the terms and conditions of the major European and Asian airlines face to face. Representatives of airlines, ATOs, aircraft manufacturers and flight schools are more than willing to answer all the questions and help everyone to acknowledge as many career and training options as there are.

Moreover, during Pilot Expo airlines will be looking for new additions to their team and flight schools will seek for their potential students. No matter if you are an experienced captain or a fresh pilot school graduate just building your career in aviation, you will find something exactly for you during the two-day event! In addition to the exhibition, a very special part of the exhibition is the two-day conference.

In the conference, more than 30 international speakers with remarkable experience in aviation will share their inspiring stories and knowledge on most of up-to-date topics to everyone. The conference is divided into two different divisions- one for already licensed pilots and the other for aspiring aviation youngsters.

Despite the division, during the conference experienced aviation experts and leading social influencers will answer very important questions of each target audience. The unforgettable part of the Pilot Expo is the Airliners Party that allows all participants and visitors as well to spend a spectacular evening among other aviation lovers.

More information about the event itself  and how to buy a ticket can be found in the Pilot Expo homepage: www.pilot-expo.com