Pilots prepare for your future

COVID-19 pandemic

Now, more than ever, you need to prepare for the unexpected and your future. The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the commercial aviation industry. Companies are closing their doors. Many pilots are grounded and hiring has nearly halted (apart from cargo and Part 135 operations). The pool of candidates will soon be vast compared to the positions available.

Due to the likelihood of a slow recovery, taking the time to prepare and audit your logbooks now is a great way to set yourself apart as a more competitive and polished applicant. Even if you have good seniority and feel safe in your current position, do not get complacent — the industry is extremely volatile. In the event of a job loss or furlough, avoid the stress of scrambling last minute to prepare your logbooks and employment applications. Be ready for when that narrow hiring window opens.


Digital pilot logbook

The digital logbook age is here. Software programs now have advanced calculation features that can eliminate mathematical errors commonly found in paper logbook audits. Programs also give pilots the ability to quickly generate and print sophisticated reports and summaries that will impress interviewers.


RB Logbook and Acculog Partnership

Are your logbooks paper and are you overwhelmed with getting them in order?

Start using RB Logbook as your digital pilot logbook; they recently added a great CV builder. And contact AcuLog to discuss how our team can help you get organized and transition to digital.