RB Group Acquires iStandBy

Our vision for an improved, integrated and aviation crew friendly app has been the guiding force of our operations.

This pursuit of making the lives of the aviation crew simple and organized recently led us to acquire iStandBy, an app that helps the crew know the status and the prediction of call-out on their standby duty.

iStandBy Aviation Crew

Ask any crew member who has ever been on standby and they will tell you how frustrating it can be. not knowing if and when you can be called for duty and which part of the world you will be flying to. 

With iStandby, you know the exact status of the functional assignments on a flight. Giving the flight crew a good assumption of their standby status.


Reserve Crew Relief

Airlines keep standby crew in order to account for any last-minute drop out by the primary crew members.

From cabin crew to pilots, everyone is expected to be at standby, some time or the other.   

Any emergency can make a crew member unavailable during the last minute. 

This can be very chaotic for airlines, as they follow strict flight rosters which affect thousands! Airline crew and passengers alike.

To account for such scenarios, airlines keep a back up of reserve crew members, ready to step in anytime. 


Your Standby Status

The standby duty can extend up to 12 hours and the crew can be called to the airport at the drop of a hat.

This “Plan B” does help manage flight schedules effectively but can be challenging for the reserve crew.

iStandby displays a list of the functions that are already assigned to the crew & those that are still pending. Giving an accurate picture of the crew requirements.

No more unpredictable wait time, not relying solely on that one call about your reserve status. Simple and easy access to check your status with iStandBy! 


What is Next?  

We will soon add the iStandBy feature to the RosterBuster app as a premium feature.      

Our RosterBuster app is used by more than 400,000 aviation crew worldwide. This will be a great addition for the crew, in knowing their standby status and possible call out time.   

In the beginning, the standby feature will be available for selected airlines.  

The support of Standby functionality will largely depend on how the airlines manage and publish the information about vacant and assigned functions on a flight.