RB Group is about to start its own airline

RB Group, the company behind the wildly popular RosterBuster app for airline crew, will start a new airline called RB Airways. The company’s Chief Aviation Officer Ardrich Sluisver has made this exciting announcement today. The carrier will have Schiphol Amsterdam (AMS) as base.

It has now become clear what RosterBuster’s recent change of name into RB Group has been all about. They are embarking on what might be their riskiest venture yet: to build a new Dutch airline that will leverage the power of the RosterBuster app to bullishly outsmart the competition.

Please note: this announcement is not real, it was RB's 2019 April Fools joke. Thanks for all the positive feedback from crew applying to join our airline! Who knows we'll one day take this step in the future.

Advanced Fleet

The nascent carrier, using the working name RB Airways (IATA: ZZ), is amassing a war chest of $50 million and has ordered a fleet of 5 Airbus A320 NEO jets, a new type of plane that Sluisver says will allow to keep fares low while providing good service and save fuel. RB group.aero is, after all, the same company who promised to “create the best airline crew app in the world” nearly 10 years ago, a pledge that drew ridicule from critics—until RosterBuster proved them wrong.

So how is RB Airways going to disrupt the market? Sluisver: “RosterBuster will be in the pocket of all our crew. This will improve our operational efficiency, cut costs and make crew happy. As I always say: Happy crews. Happy airlines. Customers will experience flights with better service and less disruptions, from crew that are motivated and not fatigued.”

RB group.aero has thorough understanding of the daily challenges that airlines and crews face connecting and engaging with vital day-to-day operational information. Airline crew management is a complex web of internal systems and procedures, often outdated, that don’t utilize the influence of modern-day technology.

RB Airways launch in Schipol (AMS) base

Empowered Crews

“If you think about it, it makes perfect sense”, Sluisver adds “the knowledge and experience we have with mobile technology can help us become the next Uber of aviation, by enabling our crews to engage differently. We believe that crew-centric communication enhances crew-management productivity, safety, and performance while reducing costs and bringing airlines and their personnel closer together in one place.”

The first RB Airways flights are expected to start beginning of April 2020. For its operation, RB Group will be actively looking for both flight and cabin crew to join this initiative and carry out flights from Amsterdam to European cities and possibly beyond. “We haven’t opened our office yet, but crew can already let us know if they’re interested in joining” says Sluisver. “Through RosterBuster we expect we can quickly scale up and find the crew we need.”