RB Group Takeoff Meeting 2020

At RB Group we have the tradition to regularly spend time on our strategy, to stay aligned and focused. The first Takeoff meeting of 2020 took place on a very special location: Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (RTM).

Right next to the runway, Brasserie Waalhaven is an ideal location for us to have our yearly strategy meeting. While we were listening to the management presentation, we could see the aircraft from British Airways, Transavia and Pegasus takeoff and land outside the window.

2020 will be an exciting year for RB Group. In 2019 we have built our products and team, and some exciting new products will be launched in 2020. Starting with the RB Logbook Pilot Logbook coming end of February.

As RB Group is an international company, the increased India RB team was listening in on the presentation via the webcam, from their new office that will be opened later in January.

Core values

A quiz about aviation facts and company values was fanatically played in both timezones.

Finally everyone attended a workshop about the core values of the company.

  1. We breathe aviation
  2. We always put the aviation professional first
  3. We innovate and think outside the box
  4. We strive to exceed expectations
  5. We cultivate trust

With these five core values solidly embedded in our team, we can now further build our company and are ready for 2020!