How to create compelling airline pilot CV with RB Logbook

It was unthinkable only a few months ago, but airline pilots around the globe find themselves on furlough unsure about their futures, or already without a job. While markets recover, preparing your CV in case you’ll need to do a job interview makes sense. RB Logbook’s new 1.7.0 version has useful free flight experience reports to spice up your resumé, so that you will stand out from the competition.

When preparing a resumé it is always good advice to be truthful and focus on what is relevant. Your flight experience is the number one seller you have. You can’t increase your flight experience without a job, but how you present it can make a difference. Just handing out a printout of your linked-in profile is not going to give you an edge. And printing a lengthy Jeppesen report gives a lot of detail, but is usually not what recruiters are willing to spend their time on.

In RB Logbook you will now find two new printable reports that you can add to your resumé to show your relevant flight experience in a glance.

Career Summary

The career summary report shows an overview of your total block time, total PIC/SIC/Instrument/Night/IFR and EFIS times. The report also contains totals for important categories like engine types. It’s a concise table that shows the most relevant flight experience.

As a bonus, there’s also a breakdown of flight experience per aircraft type available. Totals for PIC/SIC/IFR and Instructor times are listed. You can print this report for any period you want.

Flight Experience Detail

For a more detailed look at your flight experience you can use this report. It will provide an overview much similar to the Career Summary, but it will also have details per aircraft category and engine type. This can be valuable if you are applying for a specific role. It will give your future employer tailored insights which will certainly be appreciated.

Here’s an example of what the overview would look like for the flight detail report:

And here is an example of the detail for aircraft category Multi Engine Land.

We’re here to help you

A logbook is a history of your flight experience. You keep it when you are flying but it’s also valuable when you’re looking for a job. To support pilots we made all our reports free. You don’t need a premium subscription for RB Logbook, to print the reports.

What you need to do is simply import your flight history, either by importing it from logbook software or Excel sheet using our importer, or from AIMS with our new AIMS portal integration. After import, further additions will not be possible. But you can still print as many reports as you like.

Have ideas on how we can help you further? Leave us a note at: [email protected].