RB Logbook launched at Pilot Expo 2020

The Pilot Expo Berlin conducted on 21st & 22nd Feb 2020 was the official venue for the launch of our Pilot Logbook App; RB Logbook.

In the presence of thousands of pilots and aviation professionals, RB Group’s CEO Richard Versluis and CTO Jeroen Derwort unveiled their latest masterpiece.

Richard addressed the curious audience at the ACES conference, receiving a remarkable response from both experienced pilots and trainees.

RB team also got to kick off the Pilot Expo Berlin Party as the official sponsor for the event. The memorable party was conducted on the eve of 21st February 2020 at the gorgeous Palais am Funkturm.

A perfect setting for the launch of this industry-defining app.

Our booth was crowded with enthusiastic pilots throughout the day and we were fortunate to be assisted by some phenomenal airline crew members.

This great venue presented us with the opportunity to speak to actual users of the application, “the pilots”

As the Brains behind the technology, Jeroen remarked upon the overwhelmingly positive response received from pilots for our Pilot Logbook “Pilots were clearly looking for an electronic logbook that substitutes the current system and makes it really simple to log flights. The pilots loved the way we have simplified their lives and made it completely hassle-free.”

“Over 400,000 flight crew using the RosterBuster instantly realized how convenient RB Logbook will be for them because all flights get automatically synced whenever a roster gets updated. Complete Roster details synced with the Pilot Logbook and our autofill feature reducing the manual labor of entering small details.”

Take a Picture Of ACARS & See The Magic

A showcase feature of RBLogbook is the ACARS scan. It allows the pilot to take a photo of the ACARS/OOOI/FMS display in the cockpit and the information on the display is automatically recognized and registered in the logbook by a clever machine learning algorithm.

Richard marveled at the popularity “The ACARS feature is an instant hit. Everyone loves it. It saves time, while also making the logbook very convenient to keep & manage. The ACARS image gets processed instantly and the original picture of the OOOI is also preserved for any future reference

Pilot Expo Exhibitions

RB Group made its presence felt on Pilot Expo Berlin with a booth right next to the entrance.

The expo was full of well-known names such as Corendon, DHL, TUI, easyJet, OSM Aviation, and CAE but it was not the airlines and flight schools that drew the largest crowds, but the influencers.

Captain Joe with his massive YouTube following had a very busy two days.

The event also hosted conferences aimed at both experienced pilots and future aviators. Speakers from across the world were sharing their insights and tips about aviation.

Many important topics were addressed in the conference to solve problems faced by many aspiring pilots, cabin crew and even experienced pilots.  Some topics discussed at the conference:-

  • How to finance expensive pilot training?
  • Tips to succeed as a pilot
  • Fatigue experienced by Cabin Crew.

A brilliant opportunity for networking with experts in the industry. We connected with various aviation leaders & industry experts, discussing the future of aviation and forecasting major changes in the industry.

The Pilot Expo proved to be an amazing runway for the launch of RB Logbook and the positive response that we received has affirmed our already existing belief that RB Logbook is going to redefine the way Pilot Logbooks are maintained.

Give it a shot, Download RB Logbook Now.