RB Logbook now detects airplane takeoff and landing

RB Logbook’s version 1.4.0 was released April 7th. It has a unique improvement in the Fly Now feature. It is so cool, that we just couldn’t resist sharing with you: we now automatically detect aircraft takeoff and landing!

Fly Now

Maximilian Doberenz

Being able to log flights with a few taps, as the Fly Now feature makes possible, is what pilots appreciate. Doing dull administration is not why you choose your profession. We got that message clearly when we were launching RB Logbook at the Pilot Expo in Berlin, earlier this year. But why stop there?

Boeing 737 first officer Maximilian Doberenz approached us with a bold idea. Mobile devices are able to detect motion. Why not use this to detect flight off/on times. We took up the challenge. He assisted us with the logic and only a few weeks later, we rolled out the feature to pilots worldwide. Made possible by RB Group’s innovative ambition and capability.

How does it work?

  1. You start your flight with the tap of a button.
  2. Block out time and departure airport will be set, based on your time and location.
  3. Then, when the plane starts moving, the device will detect the moment when you start your ascent to fill in the off time!
  4. When you land, the on time will be detected as well.
  5. With the touch of another button, you end the flight and it’s added to your logbook.

To use the Fly Now feature, make sure you download the latest version of RB Logbook (currently 1.4.0). It works on both iOS and Android. Of course, location permissions are required for it to work. These will be requested on first use.

Tesla test

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we were not able to test the feature as much as we wanted in a real plane. We solved this by using a Telsa Model S car. It’s the closest thing to flying on the road. Using the motion of the car accelerating, we could check if flight times were being recorded.

We are very excited about this new feature and would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to improve it even more. And of course we thank Max for his awesome contribution. Let’s hope the current COVID-19 crisis will be resolved soon and we can start flying a lot more again.

In the meanwhile, why not download RB Logbook and make the switch?