RB Logbook’s first anniversary: Apple Watch support & free premium for furloughed pilots

RB Logbook has been released exactly one year ago on the Pilot Expo 2020. We’ve used this year to further develop the logbook. Today we announce two new exciting features: Apple Watch support and a free premium account for furloughed pilots.

Since RB Logbook has been released, many airline pilots are grounded curing the COVID-19 crisis. It’s fair to say that we could have picked a better time to start with a logbook product for pilots. Most pilots are not looking to log flights if they’re not at work. But we decided to use the extra time to develop the app and make it the best digital pilot logbook available on the market.

Apple Watch support

After all the updates we have done, one of the more exciting ones is Apple Watch support. We now allow you to start and stop your Fly Now session using the Apple Watch. A feature that is both innovative and convenient!

RB Logbook free for inactive pilots

As for the pilots that are furloughed, we now have made RB Logbook free. A small gesture to ease a bit of the pain of furloughs and layoffs we see all around us.

It’s tough times for airline pilots. Everybody in the world is hoping the COVID-19 pandemic is ending soon. The crisis has impacted demand for air travel severely, causing airlines to decrease flight activity. Being a pilot often means being grounded these days. Be it on furlough or even jobless. It’s not by choice. What once was one of the best professions in the world, is now not something to envy.

At RB Group, we experience uncertainty and frustration daily. We have a strong connection with the community of airline professionals and we get continuous feedback from our users. We see that their feedback is currently heavily influenced by the circumstances.

We do believe that demand for air travel will return. Better times will come. But until then, we understand that keeping a logbook while you are not flying is not something that should cost money. It is important though!

You may need your career hours to be securely and reliably stored, so whenever you need proof of your experience and abilities, you can show this. RB Logbook not only has printable logbook reports that are compliant with international and local regulations, but also specific career reports.

How it works

RB Logbook was already free in the trial period and the first 250 block hours. Now it remains free as long as you have no recent flights, meaning within the past month. As long as your flights are older than that, your trial will not activate.

This gives you the ability to import and input unlimited past hours that you might have, with no time restrictions.

Once you start flying again, the trial will activate and you will have 7 more days to decide if you want to keep the subscription.

Now is the time

Now is the time to switch to RB Logbook. You can take the time to make the transfer. And why not treat yourself to something new and fun to look forward to, once your job is back on track!

Go download RB Logbook now.