Work/life balance: why pilots value RosterBuster

Being a pilot is a unique job. Few other workers travel around the world, spend their nights in hotels, and have such varied schedules as airline pilots. This is why help to bring balance between work and life is so greatly valued.

The good news is, that pilots are paid well. According to Glassdoor, the average airline salary for a US pilot is above $113,000. So being an airline pilot is a great, well-paying job. But it takes a specific personality to love the airline lifestyle.

This unique lifestyle can put a strain on relationships and family. As with any job, it’s important for partners to understand the job demands of their significant others, but pilots are in an especially unique situation.

Not A 9-5 Job

Being a successful airline pilot is not like a 9-to-5 job. Pilots can’t expect to put in their hours, come home, and expect a warm, home-cooked meal every day.

This is why a tool like RosterBuster adds so much value. By enabling constant and reliable access on-the-go to much needed information about the next destination, the weather on location, times of departure and arrival and gate changes for example. This makes pilots more efficient at work.

Don’t forget that schedules can vary. A lot. Some days, pilots will work for five hours. Other days, pilots will work for fourteen hours. Sometimes, they fly at night or during the day. Having access to these changes and seeing the impact on daily schedule and meetings is crucial, whether it is for business or for pleasure.

Having RosterBuster as a daily companion, with its ability to match and share rosters with friends & family, pilots experience a much better work/life balance. Another good reason why airlines should not only embrace RB as a next generation productivity tool, but also as a secondary benefit for their employees. It’s not only money that makes the airline lifestyle so awesome.