RB team attends Firebase roadshow India

Last week RB India team had the opportunity to attend the Firebase Roadshow, organized by Google. It is a day-long event with multiple demos and best practices sessions from the engineering team. A great opportunity to catch up on the latest developments for the rapidly evolving Firebase platform.

At RB Group we use many Firebase products in our apps. This helps the team to focus on the customer and on product development, rather than overcoming technical hurdles. We are using multiple solutions such as Real-time Database, Analytics, Dynamic Links, and Performance Monitoring.

Conference topics

The conference topics are related to improving app stability, performance UX research, and monetization. These topics are discussed in detail, starting with a problem that the developer faces in the real world.

Many examples are given on how products can be seamlessly integrated with each other. For example, how to Analytics and Cloud Messaging can be integrated. Cloud functions with Real-time Database or Staged Rollout to production with Analytics and Remote Config.

Firebase Roadshow topics India

1.6M apps running on Firebase

There are more than 1.6M apps are running on a Firebase platform and using multiple services.

Among many things we also got to know about new features. Like ML Kit, that has a new feature Smart Reply, which suggests a helpful reply based on the conversations. Firestore has an emulator which allows running cloud functions locally and helps in faster development.

Vibe & perks on Roadshow

Perks of attending these conferences are that we get to meet other developers and learn more about technology. We met many developers and got to learn how they are using Firebase to improve the application.

The vibe was really awesome. We even made a new friend at the venue. He is using Firebase vision kit to create a custom machine learning model. This is hosted with Firebase, because it allows him to update the custom model, without updating the app.

We’ve got a lot of inspiration to use Firebase in many situations for our own aviation apps.