React Native Zendesk Component

RB Group has published a Zendesk component for React Native. The component is open source and we maintain it. It is our gift to the React Native community.

Zendesk & React Native

In our apps, we use Zendesk, a popular tool for customer support. We started development of our first app in React Native last year. React Native is known for its strong and versatile ecosystem, in which many developers participate in the expansion of the framework. This results in many third party components, for almost all imaginable use cases.

However, for Zendesk, there is no officially supported SDK for React Native. While we were developing RB Logbook we did not find a suitable component for our needs. So we decided to build our own.

Tarak Sharma

The Component

Tarak Sharma, a React Native specialist and Full Stack Developer from RB Group’s office in Pune (India) developed the component. Essentially it is a wrapper around the iOS and Android native Zendesk SDKs.

We provide support for browsing through knowledge base articles and added an option to filter for specific sections of the knowledge base. It is also possible to send in a ticket.

Of course Zendesk can do much more than this. Maybe in the future we will further extend the component. But for now it works well and fits our requirements. If you need Zendesk support as well in your React Native app, be sure to check it out.


The component can be downloaded from NPM here:
rn-zendesk component for React Native on NPM »