RosterJam 2020: It’s Hackathon Time!

Just before the world went into lockdown, RB Group organized Roster Jam 2020. Day to day life in the office can get a bit monotonous and repetitive, with the constant focus on sprint goals and high priorities. A Hackathon can change all that, a fun event mixed with innovation, mad genius and crazy ideas.

Roster Jam 2020 has been an epic joy ride. Full of innovation and fun schemes to boost RB Group.

Hackathon with “More Fun”

The theme for the event was “More Fun”. All teams had to come up with ideas that are-

  • Practical
  • Actionable
  • Innovative
  • Fun!

Not all teams followed this instruction to the letter. Some teams were tilted towards fun, with edgy themes and cool elements, while some were practical to the core. The event was organized on two locations; RB India and RB Netherlands. One winner for each location was to be crowned as the RosterJam King.

Judges for RosterJam 2020

Our CEO, Richard Versluis and CTO, Jeroen Derwort were the judges for the Hackathon. Their role in the event was to pick out the best team from the talented mix of people both in the Netherlands & India.

The final verdicts had to be delivered in a final presentation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to do it from our homes. But being an organization with offices in India and The Netherlands, we are used to working together while being hundreds of miles apart. We have the tools to work together effectively under these conditions and we put them to good use.

Roster Jam Teams

All teams were unique and diverse with a mix of people with skillsets from all departments. The one thing that they all had in common, is their ability for “Out Of The Box Thinking”. Without any exception, all teams choose award-winning names. If you don’t believe me, read on.



A Refer and earn system with awesome prizes lined up.

RoasterToaster came up with a detailed plan with thought out point calculations.

Script Kiddies

A single portal to connect job seekers, employees, and aviation enthusiasts.

  • A job portal to connect all aviation professionals with potential job opportunities. 
  • News about the aviation industry
  • Blog about the latest trends in the industry. 



Bringing the world closer by connecting people at layovers.
The laid back team of “laid over” came with an idea for your international love story.

A dating feature that matches you with interesting people during your layover.

Dude, where’s my roster?

A platform with multiple easter eggs carefully placed throughout the website. A star-wars surprise and more customizable theme options.

Team J.A.M

If you are an aviation enthusiast and love fun trivia then Team J.A.M’s quiz feature is perfect for you: an exciting aviation quiz to engage users on the app.

And, the Winner is…

There were 2 crown winners of Hackathon 2020. One from the Netherlands team and the other from the Indian lot.

The Netherlands crown went to “Pilotify” & amongst the Indian teams, “Coro-na-de-Code” was declared the undisputed winner.


This winning team from Netherland had a clever plan to turn people into pilots. Wondering How? Through Augmented reality!

Yes, this cool camera filter can “pilotify” you.


This winning team in India executed their vision of a well-rounded leaderboard, which engages users at each screen of the application by giving them Leader points. No enrollment required, using the app will earn you more points and determine the leader! They envisioned awesome prizes for the top 3 users on the leaderboard.

No Good Idea Goes To Waste

The impressive and executable ideas of the winning teams may truly find their way into a live RB Group product one day. It came as no surprise that the teams that work on smart technologies like RosterBuster App & RB Logbook had so much to offer.

RosterJam 2020 was a great lesson in understanding that breaking away from the day to day tasks along with the freedom to explore your own ideas results in unique inventions.

There were two official winners for the event. But the fun, pranks, innovation, and teamwork were truly the big take away’s from RosterJam 2020!