RosterBot for family and friends now has over 1000 users

When we introduced RosterBot in October last year, we were not sure if the chatbot would find it’s way to our users. With over 1000 friends and family and hundreds of airline crew connected, that are regularly querying RosterBot, we can now proudly say that it has.

RosterBot’s primary function is to keep family and friends updated about the whereabouts of crew. It is part of our mission to help airline crew stay connected with their loved ones, when they are traveling the world. RosterBot is designed to help doing so.

As a chatbot, RosterBot has a two major advantages over a separate app. Most importantly that it can understand human language (by using machine learning). Secondly, it can be used from a regular chat client like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. It is not necessary to download anything.

Here’s an example conversation:

RosterBot: Hi, i am RosterBot, the personal assistant for airline crew or their family members!
RosterBot: Are you Friends and Family, or Airline Crew?
Chris: Friends and family
RosterBot: Great, if you have a follower code enter it below. Don’t have a follower code? Click one the buttons below to obtain one.
Chris: *CODE*
RosterBot: Great! I am setup to follow Lucy Stone. For commands type menu or help. Just ask ‘LOCATION’ and I’ll give you an update.
Chris: What’s Lucy’s next duty?
RosterBot: Lucy’s next duty is a flight from London to Amsterdam, at 10:00 AM today
Chris: Thanks!
RosterBot: You’re welcome.

Like it?

We did see that because it involves interaction with another app, some people found it difficult to connect to RosterBot. Therefore, we will also bring some follower features into the app itself later this year.

Airline Crew Can Connect

A less known feature is that we have also made it possible for airline crew to connect to RosterBot!

Already over 300 crew now have made use of this feature. You can ask RosterBot about your next flight. RosterBot can even produce METAR and TAF information for your next destination. So go ahead and add another convenient way to access your roster now, at no additional cost.


When we first released RosterBot, it was not nearly as smart as it is now. We have leveraged machine learning to make it smarter and understand more sentences. We have also added more capabilities, like viewing a week and a month’s roster.

Next to Facebook Messenger, we now also have support for Telegram. Just look for RosterBot in Telegram: @RosterBusterBot.

More About RosterBot

For more information on RosterBot, what it can do and how to connect with it, please check out our FAQ on RosterBot.